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Upcoming Webinar — Better Together: Integrating Fundraising and Your Giving Platform

Join us for a free, live webinar next week on July 20 to learn more about the powerful potential that comes from the tight coupling of a world-class giving platform … Read More

Upcoming Webinar — Better Together: Integrating Fundraising and Your Giving Platform

One of the biggest challenges and barriers in digital marketing and fundraising is getting the various fast-moving, ever-changing technology systems to work in sync and get them doing what we … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Ministry

What’s the future of fundraising? None of us knows for sure. But one thing is certain: the future of fundraising will increasingly include the use of artificial intelligence. That fascinating … Read More

Upcoming Webinar: How AI is Transforming Ministry

Artificial intelligence isn’t new. It has fueled the imagination of ambitious inventors and entrepreneurs for centuries. It has fired the dreams of artists, authors, and filmmakers—some of whom have seen … Read More

People of Masterworks | Mark Neigh, VP of Digital

People of Masterworks is a series highlighting talented folks who contribute to the success of our ministry partners on a daily basis. Our hope is that, by getting to know … Read More

triathlon runner demonstrating perseverence

What top nonprofits are doing to maintain momentum in 2021

Last week, we had the privilege of hosting more than a dozen regional and national ministries for a two-day summit. Following are a few themes that emerged from the summit: … Read More

Rescue mission fundraising priorities in 2021

Following such a tremendous year in terms of new donor acquisition, a key priority in 2021 is the retention and cultivation of the new donors into year number two. In our work with nonprofits, new donor conversion and retention strategies are a top focus in 2021.

Creativity isn’t just for creatives: Part I

Be present. Learn from the creatures and created things that aren’t affected by the stock market’s peaks and plummets. See what they might have to say to you.

Upcoming Webcast — Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal

In times of significant change, it can be very tempting to buy into the narrative that “everything is changing; therefore, we must change EVERYTHING!” While this can be healthy in the sense that nothing is sacred, it can also be dangerous.

Watch your focus: Three copy traps that unintentionally exclude donors

Nothing separates donors from the outcome of their generosity faster than copy that either implies or directly states (even accidentally) that it is the organization that is doing the good work.