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Upcoming Webcast — Leading fundraising and marketing in the Next Normal

In times of significant change, it can be very tempting to buy into the narrative that “everything is changing; therefore, we must change EVERYTHING!” While this can be healthy in the sense that nothing is sacred, it can also be dangerous.

Keep Your Hard-Earned Donors Feeling Great and Coming Back

“What do my donors want?” Today, the savviest fundraisers are asking this question more frequently than ever, and rightly so. In today’s Experience Economy — first described in Harvard Business … Read More

Inspired at CLA

I’m sitting on the plane back to Seattle, watching the sunset, reflecting on the CLA Outcomes Conference held in Dallas this week. I find myself struck by a common theme — … Read More

CLA workshop, “Baby Boomer Breakthrough: The New Fundraising Model”

Leverage donors with the greatest economic clout and biggest motivation to give in history The French have a saying: “It is the fate of all glass to break.” As I’ve … Read More

Fundraisers: We feel your pain… (CLA Conference Preview)

It’s official. If you’re a fundraising professional, you have one of America’s toughest jobs! We’ve recently toyed with the idea of getting ahold of Thom Beers, executive producer of NBC’s … Read More

Conference Preview: Three levers to drive digital success

Today’s lesson is an excerpt from a Digital Marketing Master Class that I have the honor of teaching in April at the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference in Dallas, Texas. … Read More

Maximizing Net Income

“Most fundraisers focus almost all of their attention on generating income. They often don’t apply the same creative energy to reduce expense. I made that mistake myself for many years … Read More