The best decisions are informed ones.

Every decision at Masterworks is guided by the study of data.


We use cultural research, best-of-breed applied data science, and predictive modeling to inform your approach to effective engagement with your target audiences.

Foresight Applied

Wisdom begins with listening, learning, & gaining perspective.

The Christian nonprofit space is ever–changing. As our culture shifts, it takes an intentional, consistent effort to remain connected to trends, shifts, and the cultural pulse.

We have spent over 25 years observing, analyzing, and reflecting on the factors that contribute to effective ministry. Led by our team of interdisciplinary experts, we study and interpret the changes in our culture so that you can apply these learnings to the way you operate your organization.

Data Science

Analytics & Data science are in our DNA.

At its very core, Masterworks is committed to the practice of the analysis of data. Our founder, Steve Woodworth, brought this discipline to Masterworks at its founding and it remains a core part of how we approach every problem we tackle with our clients on a daily basis.

From the capture, warehousing, and processing of terabytes of data to visualizing and dissecting that data to discover trends and opportunities, Masterworks’ data team of 20 is committed to data science and its application is vital to the success we have achieved for our clients.

Activated Analysis

Get your data out of the spreadsheet and put it to work.

The behavior of donors is complex to say the least, Masterworks has spent the last two decades observing the patterns of audience behavior that influence Christian non-profits.

Through algorithmic data science, we are able to help you analyze patterns of behavior and identify opportunities to engage more fully with your audience. Our proven MRI model has helped organizations focus their efforts and spending on audience segments that are the most likely to engage with your organization.

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