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California donor and data privacy in the news

On the heels of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) legislation that came into effect for organizations active in Europe earlier this year, the state of California has become the … Read More

What Do Your Donors Really Want?

“Walk in Wisdom” is the theme for this year’s AGRM Conference. If wisdom is asking the right question at the right time, the savviest fundraisers today are asking this question: … Read More

Déjà vu All Over Again!

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” That was the conclusion of then-IBM Chairman Thomas Watson in 1943. Ken Olson’s view wasn’t much more accurate. The … Read More

Keep Your Hard-Earned Donors Feeling Great and Coming Back

“What do my donors want?” Today, the savviest fundraisers are asking this question more frequently than ever, and rightly so. In today’s Experience Economy — first described in Harvard Business … Read More

5 Steps You Can Take Now to Ensure Tax Reform Doesn’t Hurt Your Fundraising

For the first time since the Tax Reform Act of 1986, Congress has made major changes to the U.S. tax code. As a fundraising pro, you’ll want to start thinking … Read More

The 2018 Google Grants Changes (Part II): Strategies for Minimizing Risks

A couple of weeks ago, in our blog post The 2018 Google Grants Changes (Part I): What Do They Mean for You?, we talked about how Google Grants policies have … Read More

Facebook is Changing. How Will This Impact Your Organization or Brand?

Yesterday, Facebook made an announcement that its News Feed will change to favor person-to-person engagement. In normal Facebook fashion, the announcement is light on details. Zuckerberg Facebook announcement Mosseri (Head … Read More

Merry Christmas from Facebook

With the all-important year-end fundraising season now upon us, Facebook has a Christmas gift for nonprofits. The social media giant announced last week that it has eliminated transaction fees on … Read More

Expanding our senior strategy team

At Masterworks, we treat our responsibility to serve the ministries we partner with as a sacred duty. And a core part of delivering on this commitment is to bring the … Read More

Linus, Charlie Brown and Christmas.

Poor Charlie Brown! You may remember the scene from A Charlie Brown Christmas. Charlie Brown is depressed and discouraged by the over-commercialization of Christmas. He struggles to understand its true … Read More