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Journey Mapping: Understanding Your Audience

If we are going to move human hearts to take worthy action, we must do the hard work of understanding them. Granted, to see a solitary fundraising impact perform excellently … Read More

Donor experience in the Experience Economy

This is an excerpt from a workshop that Dave Raley will be giving at the Christian Leadership Alliance’s Outcomes Conference 2020 in Dallas this April. If you’re a leader in … Read More

The Art of the Ask

At Masterworks we have talented copywriters crafting the sentences that move hearts & minds to act…to donate to and partner with your world-changing organization. Please enjoy today’s thoughts by one … Read More

Donors, Data . . . and Sumerian Architecture

The way consumers interact with brands has changed with mind-bending speed during the last few years, and ministries are equally affected. The challenges are real, and so are the opportunities. … Read More