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How mobile optimization can dramatically improve your online revenue

This probably isn’t news to you… It’s increasingly common for nonprofits to see well over half of their sitewide traffic coming from mobile. But this may be news… Mobile often … Read More

The Case for Digital Media in Three Charts

Software continues to rapidly eat the world, and as the success of services like Uber, Airbnb and Netflix show: behavior is changing just as rapidly. These three charts show how … Read More

The Key to 8x Better Digital Media Performance

I like advertising. I keep books by the greats—Ogilvy, Gossage, DDB—within reach of my desk. I like the right combination of words and images to make you look and then … Read More

Citygate Preview: One Strategy from Today’s Fastest Growing Nonprofits

According to the recently released 2018 Charitable Giving Report, giving to “Faith community” charities through 2018 changed by only 0.3%. Giving to human services charities changed by 1.3%. I don’t … Read More

Web Briefing: Using AI to Transform Fundraising

When people talk about Artificial Intelligence, or AI, they often think The Matrix or Hal 9000, the famous computer with a mind — and agenda — of its own. But I’m … Read More

How AI is transforming fundraising

On April 18 at the Christian Leadership Alliance Outcomes Conference, Dave Raley will be giving a talk titled Using AI to transform fundraising. He will be discussing trends in Artificial … Read More

You broke my heart 💔, Year-end

In nonprofit fundraising, there’s nothing quite so important as calendar year-end giving. Most organizations earn a significant portion of their revenue in the last few weeks of the year. So … Read More

Your top 3 burning questions — answered, Part 2

In my work with charities, I hear a lot of questions. Many seem to come up over and over again. And some I would describe as “burning questions” — the … Read More

4 ways to leverage Conversion Optimization to grow your digital acquisition

With a growing number of Masterworks clients now bringing in more than half of their new donors online, digital has arrived. It’s fast becoming the place to find and cultivate … Read More

Busting Through the Barriers to Digital Acquisition

There’s something about having been around long enough to say those fated words, “Well, back in the day…” Over the past 10 years, easily the most common question in our … Read More