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Marketing and donor commitment in a recession

The world has seemingly changed overnight and millions of us are being asked to shelter in place, practice social distancing, and forego meeting with our friends, family, and church communities. … Read More

Web Briefing: Using AI to Transform Fundraising

When people talk about Artificial Intelligence, or AI, they often think The Matrix or Hal 9000, the famous computer with a mind — and agenda — of its own. But I’m … Read More

You broke my heart 💔, Year-end

In nonprofit fundraising, there’s nothing quite so important as calendar year-end giving. Most organizations earn a significant portion of their revenue in the last few weeks of the year. So … Read More

The 2018 Google Grants Changes (Part I): What Do They Mean for You?

In early December, you may have received an email from Google about upcoming changes to Google Grants. The tone of the email was glowing, and said in effect: “Good news!  We’re … Read More

How new media buying technology can help you inspire generosity in your donors

A big part of what drives me and our team here at Masterworks is figuring out how to do even more to inspire generosity in the donors who support our … Read More

The Post-Election Giving Outlook

On the heels of one of the most controversial presidential races, an election upset that stunned the media and had stock markets reeling from the uncertainty of a ‘Trumped’ future…fundraisers … Read More

The Election Year Fundraising Myth

Every election year, non-profit organizations inevitably start worrying about what to do differently to protect revenue and avoid losing valuable donors. Suspicion builds about the growing attention to the Presidential … Read More

Vital Signs

What’s the first thing that happens when you visit your doctor? Someone comes into the examining room and takes your temperature, blood pressure, pulse and respiration — they’re called vital signs. … Read More

Scope Neglect: We don’t get big numbers

How much would you donate to save 2,000 migratory birds from drowning in oil ponds? How about to save 20,000 birds? 200,000? In one study, three groups were asked these … Read More

I want to know what Under Armour wants to know

I’ve long been fascinated with Under Armour, despite the fact that I own only a couple of their products. In my athletic pursuits, I typically use competitors’ more specialized gear. … Read More