Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

August 29, 2019

What Nike can teach nonprofits about building a great sustainer program

by Steve Woodworth
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March 18, 2021
by Masterworks Team

This week marks one year since much of our nation shut down in response to the COVID-19 pandemic.  Over the past year we’ve reported regularly on the trends we’ve seen, … Read More

March 16, 2021
by Sheryl Larson

Nonprofit organizations acquired and reactivated donors in 2020 at performance levels that have not been seen since before the recession in 2008. The growth in new donor acquisition was remarkable, … Read More

March 4, 2021
by Masterworks Team

People of Masterworks is a series highlighting talented folks who contribute to the success of our ministry partners on a daily basis. Our hope is that, by getting to know … Read More

February 23, 2021
by Jef Miller

It’s Time to Kill the Campaign The biggest limiter to success in digital media fundraising is turning your media off, which is what happens with time-based, episodic campaigns. To achieve … Read More

February 11, 2021
by Dave Raley

Following such a tremendous year in terms of new donor acquisition, a key priority in 2021 is the retention and cultivation of the new donors into year number two. In our work with nonprofits, new donor conversion and retention strategies are a top focus in 2021.

February 9, 2021
by Jaclyn Jones

2021 has already proven to be just as unpredictable and as — here’s that word again — unprecedented as 2020. But as we move into the year, we are doing so with a whole new group of donors. These new and reactivated donors are proving generous and are converting.

February 2, 2021
by Jodi Carlson

The surest way to block creativity is to pretend you already know all the answers. So don’t. Instead, be a learner.

January 26, 2021
by Jodi Carlson

Be present. Learn from the creatures and created things that aren’t affected by the stock market’s peaks and plummets. See what they might have to say to you.

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