Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

Moving insights you can use

Reflections on the state of Christian marketing & fundraising

August 29, 2019

What Nike can teach nonprofits about building a great sustainer program

by Steve Woodworth
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October 11, 2021
by Craig Torstenbo

We get questions. Like this one: Can my organization use the same story multiple times?

The answer is: Yes. And we do that. Occasionally. We tell the same story, especially a powerful one, in an appeal and newsletter a month or two apart, and also in a coordinating e-appeal. I’ve never once heard a client say, “We got a call from a donor who asked why we retold this story.”

October 5, 2021
by Dave Raley

The rise of the Subscription Economy has made building and growing a strong sustainer program accessible to more nonprofits than ever before. Last year, recurring online giving saw growth of … Read More

September 21, 2021
by Masterworks Team

Recurring giving has been an instrumental part of fundraising for decades. But there are several forces that are transforming recurring giving and reshaping donor expectations. Together, these changes represent an … Read More

August 3, 2021
by Masterworks Team

People of Masterworks is a series highlighting talented folks who contribute to the success of our ministry partners on a daily basis. Our hope is that, by getting to know … Read More

July 15, 2021
by Masterworks Team

Join us for a free, live webinar next week on July 20 to learn more about the powerful potential that comes from the tight coupling of a world-class giving platform … Read More

July 1, 2021
by Masterworks Team

One of the biggest challenges and barriers in digital marketing and fundraising is getting the various fast-moving, ever-changing technology systems to work in sync and get them doing what we … Read More

May 21, 2021
by Masterworks Team

What’s the future of fundraising? None of us knows for sure. But one thing is certain: the future of fundraising will increasingly include the use of artificial intelligence. That fascinating … Read More

May 12, 2021
by Craig Torstenbo

Even the most donor-focused nonprofits tend to talk a lot about their success. And who could blame them? Through their good work, the hungry are fed, the homeless are sheltered, … Read More

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