What we’re reading right now

In Marketing & Ministry by Dan McCurley

Anne Lamott once said, “Books help us understand who we are.” Each week we’ll introduce you to the world-class team at Masterworks through the books they love, in a series called What we’re reading right now.

Dan McCurley is a digital marketing strategist at Masterworks. He recently escaped from the Arizona desert heat to the Pacific Northwest. He enjoys DIY home improvement, iced coffee and nerdy webcomics.

Here’s what Dan is reading right now:


Optimize by Lee Odden

Optimization testing is my focus area in digital. But I’m not just talking about conversion rates and button color. I’m reading this book because it emphasizes how content, search and social work together. Optimization is all about continual improvement . . . testing and learning in order to scale.

Predictably Irrational by Dan Ariely

predictably-irrationalIrrational. It’s a word we only use to describe other people, right? But this pop-science bestseller reveals how you and I suffer from predictable lapses in sound judgment — from overpaying to underestimating and procrastinating. This book will probably help you make better personal decisions. But if you’re like me, you’ll start to see endless opportunities to test behavior and assumptions.

Digital Adaptation by Paul Boag

digital-adaptionI ordered this book the day it was released. Why? Because Paul Boag understands how the web is disrupting traditional business models. He provides practical guidelines for adapting culture, teams and workflows in order to break down silos and encourage innovation. Someone in your organization should read this book. Get a sneak peek here and read about the useful RACI matrix here.

And finally, here’s a nerdy webcomic that illustrates why usability testing is important in digital:


(Source: XKCD)