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Masterworks’ consulting team partners with Christian organizations to unleash their visions and provide operational resources that enable excellence in strategy and execution

Inspiring Generosity

Supporting You On Every Level

For ministries, you can’t inspire generosity among your donors if you’re not delivering well on the overall user experience. Our new consulting team can help with that so that we’re supporting you in every area that affects the donor experience, from your donor databases and infrastructure all the way to your fundraising appeals. We’re here to help you succeed on all levels.

The Challenge

The realities that Christian organizations face are unique. In addition to all the demands of enterprise-level organizational excellence, Christian non-profits often struggle with responding effectively to change and remaining relevant culturally, technologically, and generationally.

Our Solution

Masterworks’ consulting team offers wisdom, insight, and real-world solutions for the complex needs of Christian non-profits. Working from a Christian worldview, Masterworks Consulting employs enterprise-level business acumen to enable organizations to faithfully, efficiently, and effectively respond to God’s call.

About Consulting

Based on real-world business and ministry experience, Masterworks has launched a different breed of consulting practice geared to the needs of ministries.

Built on Masterworks’ core commitment to inspire the giving of time, talent and treasure to work that delights the heart of God, we have compiled the best talent—men and women with an abiding commitment to their faith and deep desire to advance Kingdom work. This team is united under the banner of Christ and has a single purpose—to serve Christian non-profits and enable them to address the emerging challenges we all face today and into the future.

Many of the ministries that have experienced success over the last 50 years are facing inevitable shifts in the way they need to operate given the huge shifts in culture and technology. Without pragmatic, business-oriented management techniques, many are struggling to meet the emerging demands of ministry in our present cultural climate. Our team of seasoned professionals enables our clients to challenge established thinking, drive transformation, and build the capabilities needed to empower ministries to achieve sustainable growth and vibrancy. We collaborate with our clients to shape the future, as partners in Christ.

Steve Reiter

From his earliest days, studying Scripture has been core to defining who Steve is. Each day, his desire is to live secure in the confidence in God’s promises. He is fond of saying, “As long as there is breath in me, the study of His Word will be a major force in my life.” Whether as a corporate executive, an entrepreneur, an investor or a servant leader in faith-based non-profits, Steve has been preparing his entire life for serving to bring the Gospel across the globe.

His business career began after exiting the U.S. Army in 1973 joining EDS (later HP), a $220 million IT outsourcing firm under the leadership of Ross Perot. Eventually he was named VP & General Manager leading a business unit with a staff of 4,300, annual revenues of $1.2 Billion. While at EDS, he was asked to serve on several corporate initiatives, including the Chairman’s effort to reduce $2 Billion in expense, as well a Board member for a $300 million wholly owned division.

Steve has also served as President of a $40 million start-up, Chief Information Officer for two Fortune 200 firms, investor and Chief Revenue Officer for a manufacturer of computer tablets to the military and industry; as well Practice Leader and Partner for a top-tier strategy-consulting firm. He was asked to assume responsibility for the sale, then later the management of, the largest non-owned Business Process and IT Outsourcing deal in history worth $4.2 Billion. Steve serves on the board for a $160 Million manufacturer, Advisory Board for the CLA and a global ministry.

Steve has author a business book which sold 48,000 copies in six languages, along with numerous articles in the global press; has spoken at 60 conferences and seminars over the past 3 decades, taught a course Supply Chain & Global Logistics at a Chicago-based graduate school and has been active in several initiatives to enhance education at rural and disadvantaged urban schools. Steve has been recognized by CIO Magazine and Information Week as one of the most innovative executives in industry.

Since 1981, Steve and his wife Mary have been involved with faith-based, three-day weekends with post-weekend activities enabling more than 10,000 fifteen to twenty-year-olds to become servant leaders in their environments.

Steve and Mary, his high school sweetheart, have been married 45 years. They have three adult children and six grandchildren. Steve’s daily prayer is simply for the Lord to use him and Mary in a manner that is pleasing to Him.

Justin Van Epps

Justin Van Epps has over twenty years of experience leading change and driving growth through innovation across industries and organizations at different points on the growth curve including small start-ups, mid-market firms, multinational Fortune 500 corporations, federal government agencies and not-for-profits. Justin is an entrepreneurial leader with a holistic understanding of business: his functional experience includes Sales, Marketing, IT, Customer Service, Operations, HR and Finance.

Justin’s ability to “connect the dots” with a results oriented approach has enabled him to bridge gaps and make a lasting impact in a variety of organizations and sectors.

Residing in Portsmouth, New Hampshire with his family, Justin is always looking for an interesting challenge both personally and professionally.

Our Approach to Consulting

Built on the foundation of faith in Jesus Christ, we cultivate a strong team ethos anchored in clear values that are essential to support the Church.

Each member of the Masterworks consulting team has embraced a passion for maximizing resources—people, process, and technology—throughout their careers and across a broad range of clientele. Our values underpin all of our efforts as we advocate for the Lord and His people. [1 Cor. 8:6, Phil. 1:27]


    We measure success by the success of our clients. Our pledge is to provide the right resources, committing ourselves with all our hearts to achieve maximum success. Our goal is to not just do good work, but delight our clients. Your vision, needs, and objectives always come first. If ever there is a question about which interest comes first – ours or our client’s, it is never a choice – always the client’s.


    Our goal is not to just apply best practices, but to embrace the Art of the Possible. In a challenging world, with eternal impact in focus, we commit ourselves to bring the best thinking, apply great wisdom, and deliver solutions that bring glory to God.

  • RespectING THE

    We always respect the highest order of God’s creation­—His people. Regardless of rank, we treat all God’s people with the utmost honor. We value ideas based on merit, not their source.

  • LovING & ServING GOD

    “You shall therefore love the LORD your God and keep his charge, his statutes, his rules, and his commandments always.”
    Deuteronomy 11:1

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